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Check Your Freenet Cafe VPN Account

Account Guidelines
Consider these guidelines in order to check your accounts.

The username entered may only have alpha-numeric characters, as well as dashes and underscores, a minimum of 5 characters and must be on our database.

The password must be atleast 5 characters and should be the password registered with the username.

What is VPN Account Extender Tool?

This tool allows you, our users to extend your VPN Account for additional 10 Days. Please take note that you must extend your account before your account expires.

How to Extend my VPN Account?

To extend your account, first you must make sure that your account is not yet expired by checking the status of your account at VPN Account Checker Tool page. After that you can now fill the required details above in order for us to extend your VPN Account.

Check Form

Check account status, details and expiry. Please fill all the required details to check your account.

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